Who are we?

With our experience as Apple employees or by following the philosophy of firm from California, we draw the guideline instilled to its Genius “You don’t fix computers, you’re here to fix relationships”. Understanding that what matters is not that the computer has a particular option. What matters is that it suits you and you like it.

Despite our cutting edge knowledge, we don’t consider ourselves as “geeks” or crazy about technology. We are people oriented and focus on putting technology at your service, not the other way around! That is why we seek first to find solutions to make your relationship with your computer the best possible.

We establish a close relationship with our customers as we seek first to know and understand you, so we adjust to your needs. Whether you are looking for a right arm, a counsellor or technician, we have both technical skills necessary devotion.

Our certifications

 Certified System Administrator

Apple’s premier Mac OS X certification, addresses the needs of professional system administrators and engineers who manage networks of systems in complex multi-platform deployments.

 Certified Technical Coordinator

Verifies a foundation in Mac OS X and Server core functionality and an ability to configure key services and perform basic troubleshooting on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.

 Certified Support Professional

Verifies an understanding of Mac OS X core functionality and an ability to configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple users with Mac OS X capabilities.

 Mobility Technical Competency

Verifies ability to configure the Mac OS X Server to provide secure access to a private network, allowing select mobile devices controlled access to internal service.

 Genius

This certification is issued only to Applestore Geniuses. Validates the acquisition of technical and interpersonal skills following Apple vision and guidelines.

 Certified Macintosh Technician

Verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and portable Macintosh systems, such as iMac and MacBook Pro.