Extended hours

9am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

We understand that it may cost you in production and productivity to have us working on your equipments while you or your employees use them.
This is why we also offer our services outside normal business hours.

Please note that our rate is increased by $ 20 / h outside of normal office hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

Exchange rate

$90 to 120 / h

For any kind of enterprise expertise you need, we exchange 1 h of service for $120.

We understand that being a freelancer does not always offer financial flexibility, so we adjust our rates to $90.

With us there is only one rate, we do not increase it depending of the level of competency required, we will give our best at all times!



With us, there is no travel fee for downtown Montreal, travel is on us from the 3rd billed hour!

* In case you would need our services only for 1 or 2 h, or if you are located outside downtown Montreal, we will offer our travel at a competitive rate.

* For the Laurentians, please contact us, we may also offer displacements at $0.